London to Brighton 2011

This years 47 mile trek from The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton to Brighton was quite possibly the hardest London to Brighton we’ve participated in to date. A combination of rain, sun, wind and cold, made the conditions incredibly difficult for a mixed bag of cyclists.

The day started off on a high with the sun shining and everybody ready to get on their way. The weather soon took a turn for the worse though with the rain setting in and putting a damper on the whole event. Rain turned to cold and cold turned to wind. However with spirits high everybody plugged away and eventually we made it to our first stop of Fanny’s Farm, where we filled up on energy bars and drinks. More rain and wind later it was nearly time for lunch, which was off set by the fact that Mark got a puncture (fortunately the only one of the day). Eventually our usual lunch spot was on the horizon, with us all ready to get inside and warm up. Sadly however the place was full, so on we all trudged to the next location.

A fantastic meal later, spirits were once again high, and we only had about 15 miles left to ride before arriving in Brighton. Soon enough we were at Ditchling Beacon, where a few of us took on the beast of a hill, and a few of us walked. All of us made it up to the peak though, knowing that we were nearly there.

On the hill down into Brighton, things took a turn for the worse. Rain had hammered down for most of the day, with the wind intensity slowly increases, which amounted to a time when Lynn Brandon was actually blown off of her bike and fortunately didn’t injure herself. After this scary moment, things were taken a little easier, with a slow roll down to the pier, where we finished the day in style by having a few beers in our old favourite The Brighton Rocks.

Many thanks to all those that attended this years ride and raised a huge amount of money for us!

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Virgin London Marathon 2011

Chris ran the Virgin London Marathon’s 26.4 miles in a fantastic time of 3 hours 7 minutes, shaving 20 minutes off of his previous years run for the Children’s Trust. We’re really appreciative of Chris, who wasn’t only born on the same day as Emma, but was also nicknamed Bubble by no other than celeb chef Gordon Ramsey, when he worked with him.

Chris had hoped to complete the run in less than 3 hours but said of the day “I’d hoped to run sub 3 hours after training really hard, but an incredibly hot day made it too hard. I’m still really pleased with my time though”.

All we can say is congratulations Chris, the time you’ve set, and the £680 you’ve raised in doing so is an incredible feat, we can’t thank you enough.

You can see all of the photos from the day here.

Walk For Emma 2011

The 3rd Annual Emma’s Bubble Trust Walk for Emma took place on Sunday 27th March 2011 to a welfare of walkers, families and dog enthusiasts. A few hundred people showed up for the sunniest ‘first’ day of springs that we’ve had for years to do laps of the Epsom Downs Racecourse, raising hundreds of pounds in the process. Many thanks to all of those that attended and a special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out marshalling the course and chasing people for their spare change.

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1500 Army Members

We finally hit the landmark 1500 Facebook Friends (we like to call them Emma’s Army) after Mark Brandon’s great talk at Blenheim School. We’re hoping to grow the Army from strength to strength, so please please please keep inviting your friends and family members and help us create a following that really helps us remember Every Moment Matters Always. To join the Facebook group yourself please visit

£6100 Raised at Ball

First off we would like to thank everyone that attended the 2nd Annual Emma’s Bubble Trust Ball. It’s a testament in such tough times that we could get so many of our supporters along to our big event to celebrate and remember that Every Moment Matters Always. If you’re interested in seeing some photo’s of the event you can do here. You can also view the official photo’s taken by our friends at Pret-a-Portrait by visiting their website and using the code is EBTA11122010!.

A secondary benefactor to the ball is in the fact that it continues to raise vast amounts of money for us and we would like to congratulate all of you in raising the net sum of £6100. We’ve decided this year to hold onto the money so that we can donate a large portion next year to the new Teenage Cancer Ward at the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton.

Patrick Teague Skydive

We think he might be crazy, but our good friend Patrick ‘Paddy’ Teague did a Skydive for us and in doing so raised £157! Photo’s of Paddy’s epic jump can be seen below:

London to Paris 2010

Adam Lynch, Betty Blok, Ellen Aherne, Ian Flight, Izzy Brinsden, Louise Derrick, Mark Brandon, Patrick Teague, Paul Lynch (driver) Sam Austin and Tom Kieran, all embarked on the toughest of challenges for 2010, cycling from London to Paris. For all of the pictures please see here.

Early on Wednesday 1st September, the RideForEmma team began their epic journey at The Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton, but tragedy struck before they had even left the car park. A complete blowout on Adam’s tyre meant that he was unable to ride. So the team (minus Adam) began the ride while the Aherne family took Adam to the very kind Corridori Cycle Store (, to pick up spare bike parts…more on this later.

Eventually the team were reunited, to continue along the now famous London to Brighton route. All of the girls had clearly been in training as this year they were flying along. After a quick stop for lunch at The Gardeners Arms we set off again, with very few problems after the horrific start to the morning. Before we knew it we were in Ditchling, the point on the London to Brighton ride that many people start to worry. Luckily for us we were taking a left and bypassing the awful Ditchling Beacon, in order to setup camp in Newhaven. Sadly the day ended as it started with Ian gaining a puncture which needed to be fixed. The team were split up and ended up missing the campsite. Fortunately before the sun set the team were re-united and promptly set up camp for a cold night in tents by the sea.

Very early the next morning after a sleepless night we had to pack up camp and head to the Newhaven ferry for the 4 hour crossing to Dieppe. The weather was fantastic, perfect for riding, which was a shame that we were on the ferry for so long. However we made it across to France and once again set off along the best road surfaces we had encountered yet. We had intended to get to Gourney-en-Bray to camp, however light was fading fast and we had cycled a very good distance in a short time. We found a great place to camp at Forges les Eaux, the French really do know how its done, with hot showers and a great pitch. The guys all heading into town for a meal (the best chinese in france) with the girls staying back at camp to cook pasta round a gas hob.

An early night yet again allowed us to get back on the road for the furthest ride to date. We needed to make up the time for stopping short yesterday. Yet again the roads were nice and flat and superbly maintained, which allowed for us to build up a good amount of speed and cover a lot of ground quickly. After an hour of cycling the team had split into two distinct groups, with Mark leading the way. Sadly though for the second time on the trip disaster struck with the leader of the pack gaining a blowout. Fortunately Adam had stocked up on spare parts and had fortunately bought a few extra tyres. Waiting for Paul to arrive in the van, the majority of the team set off ahead to gain some ground, with Mark and Adam insisting that they would catch up quickly.

Eventually after 2 hours of chasing the teams were reunited and in desperate need of some lunch. Sadly though the farmlands of outer Paris didn’t play well for restaurants or places to eat and so a picnic ensued on the side of the road. We were aiming for the International Camping of Maisons Laffitte, 20km outside of Paris. We made it after cycling a staggering 109km, the furthest the girls have ever cycled! Once again we bedded down for the night all very excited for the last short trip into Paris.

A small sleep in the next day, Sam donned his pink attire, for the last short ride into Paris, with the aim of finding the St. Christophers Inn after navigating our way to the Arc du Triomphe to officially complete the ride. Paris proved to be a very confusing place indeed with many one way streets, awful cobbled roads and horrific drivers. We stuck together as a group though and eventually we made it after cycling 279.9km!

Congratulations to all of this years participants and BIG BIG thanks to Paul for driving home that night to Dieppe as there was no-where for him to park the van in Paris. Special thanks must also go to ISHOKA for borrowing of the van for the 5 day trip and also to the Corridori team for such great advice for the ride when it was desperately needed!

London to Brighton 2010

What a great day! Nine of us set off from The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton to cycle the 47 miles to Brighton on Saturday 19th June.

This year all our young supporters were busy with A Levels or GCSE’s so it was left to our more mature supporters – Adam being the exception!! After a few months of training Jane, Heather and I were still nervous about the distance as the furthest we had managed in training was 24 miles but we did it!!

Everyone was fantastic keeping each other going, Adam, Ian and Mark even managed to cycle up Ditchling Beacon! We were then greeted as we entered Brighton by Chris & Martin Cross and Margaret & Brendan Duddy with a welcomed glass of bubbly – thanks guys!!

A huge thank you to all those who took part – Ian Flight, Chris & Lynne Pressley, Jane Derrik, Heather Aherne, Adam Lynch , Mick Greenwood, Mark Brandon and me! Of course I must not forget our backup team who kept us going throughout the route Paul & Joy Lynch who were in the van and good old Julie Nelson who never lets us down in her car.

Thanks for a brilliant day – looking forward to next year when we should have our youngsters back and some new recruits. Brendan has already signed up and he was sober!!!

The Fashion Show 2010

I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to everyone that came along to our fashion show on 7th May.Our lovely models Ellen, Betty, Louise, Faye and Manlden Parochial’s lovely Enid did a splendid job modelling a selection of the clothes while everyone else sat back with a glass of wine and enjoyed the show.

It then became like the first day of the sales with everyone looking for their ideal outfit! With your help we raised a total of £750.30 so thank you once again. Keep looking for our coming events which are featured on our events page and is being regularly updated.

The Zen Relics Night 2010

Another great night of music and dancing was held at wangas on Saturday 27th March. The Zen Relics played all the great hits from the 60’s and 70’s the place was rocking!

Thank you to everyone that supported us, together we raised £773 which is absolutely fantastic.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the band who gave up their time to play for us and who made the evening so great. This is the second time they have played for us and we really appreciate their support.

Check out their website for more information.