Every day 7 young people are diagnosed with cancer. It’s our aim to help support them & their families through this difficult time.

Emma’s Story

Emma was an ordinary, fun loving teenager who was tragically struck down by cancer just days after her 16th birthday. This section remembers the many highlights of Emma’s all too short life.


Emma’s Bubble Trust is an active, vibrant charity established in early 2008. As a living memory and tribute to Emma Louise Brandon, Emma’s Bubble Trust is committed to raising as much money as possible to help alleviate the physical and emotional suffering of teenagers with cancer.


We’ve got a fantastic following, who support us along the way! Are you interested in helping Emma’s Bubble Trust? Then why not find out how you can get involved if you are an individual, company, group or organisation.

Latest News


Charity quilt

A huge thank you to Sandra Hagger and Susan Burton who have supported our charity over the years. They very kindly made this beautiful quilt to commemorate this year being our 10th anniversary of the charity being founded.