Berlin Challenge Day 2


As I sit here now in the hotel in Goslar, a small historic town in the mountains just outside of Wolfenbüttel (where they make jägermeister), all I can think of is the distance that I cycled yesterday.

The Garmin clapped out at 129.51 miles and I had forgotten to click start for about 10 miles, and continued on after it had until the next major town. I believe I cycled 150 miles even though I was meant to be cycling 90. The Garmin had routed me wrong causing me to head back on myself for a large wave of the trip. I must check the route properly today.

Today I’m a broken man. My Achilles are completely shot, I continue to be covered in sweat rash and the mosquito bites have matured to full itchiness. With all that said though…I cycled 150 miles yesterday. It’s the most incredibly emotional feeling to have cycled that far and getting so close to the £2000 target for EBT is making things even more special.

The ride itself wasn’t actually too bad, just long and very hot. I drank about 10 litres of water and stopped in some great little towns. I met a family who had cycled with their 11 year old daughter from Amsterdam in 9 days. That really spurred me on and gave me the boost I needed.

I woke up this morning in pain, with the idea to carry on to Detmold, but as I sat in reception talking to an older english lady whose husband had passed away this morning from a heart attach, I had the realisation that the strap line “Every Moment Matters Always” couldn’t be more true. So I’ve decided to stay an additional night and enjoy my surroundings.

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