The Royal Marsden’s Thank You

Carly Snowball, Matron and Lead PTC Nurse for The Oak Centre for Children and Young People @ The Royal Marsden Hospital, shares some fantastic news about the usage of the flat that we purchased through all of your amazing fundraising efforts.

Emma’s Bubble Trust Flat

As many of you are aware our flat is now being used by both patients having to attend daycare for chemotherapy and by parents of teenagers having to stay at the hospital.

By being able to stay locally in the flat it makes life so much easier, cutting down on travel expenses and having the reassurance that they are a stones throw away from the hospital if they are needed.

We have had positive feedback from those that have stayed, saying how welcoming, comfortable and convenient it is, which is great!

Thank you so much to all those that have supported us and fundraised to help this to have become possible. Let’s hope that we can continue to offer this support to families that need it for many years to come.

Pictures of the flat can be seen below..

ebt-flat-4 ebt-flat-3 ebt-flat-2 ebt-flat-1

Teenage Cancer Counsellor

Emma’s Bubble Trust raised a significant amount of money in 2009 in order to employ John Carroll at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. Here John talks about his work and what it means to have charities like Emma’s Bubble Trust on board.