Berlin Challenge Day 3


After the sad news this morning I decided that it was best to enjoy Every Moment by spending the day in the town of Goslar. Beautifully situated just north of the mountains the small township is baked with history dating back to the 12century.

After an original trek into town to the bank and to buy an iPhone charger, I headed back to the hotel for a bit of r&r at the spa. A gentle swim followed by an intense hot sauna cold shower combo, helped my aching body. How the pro’s do this day in day out I don’t know.

Carb loading for lunch was followed by more exploration of the town as seen above. Apparently the square or “marketplatz” hosts a very famous Christmas market and is every year covered in snow. Enjoying a beer here while watching the bell show from the bell tower, I returned to the hotel for an intense planning session for tomorrows ride. I’m sill very confused on the route to take as Garmin 800 and Garmin Connect are telling me two different things to the equivalence of 20 miles. So I’m not sure how it’ll be yet. Wish me luck!

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