Berlin challenge day 4

I have a two confessions. Firstly i hate the garmin. Calculations on garmin connect and the garmin itself are totally different and the mileage from the device only works out how far point to point you’ve got to go, so you end uo going stupidly tough routes and finding out you’ve then got even further to go than you thought.

My second confession leads on from the first. I’ve cheated myself. I cycled 30 something miles to then be told to go back on myself again adding 40 more miles to my journey. I wasn’t doing it, not today, not after Tuesday, not after the unexpected 15% climb for 4 miles and certainly not after the 15% descent through the mountains on wet roads carrying this much weight. And so I confess I took a train. In fact I took 5 trains totalling 3 hours of travel to get me to a place where I could then add more mileage but still be in a safe place before dark. I think I’ve managed to rack up 55ish miles today.

So here I am in Bielefeld planning in every loose sense of the word my journey for tomorrow towards Ahaus. I’m hoping to find a hotel there but at the moment I’m struggling to find one that’s cheap. If not it could be my first night in the tent. According to Garmin the route is 66miles. According to Garmin connect its 80. According to
Google it’s 90. I’m going to go with the later, just so I’ve got it in my head that’s how far I am going.

Positives of the day are that I managed a huge climb with panniers on. I certainly feel sorry for a pal who is currently on a trek from Barcelona to London taking on the Ventoux with a similar setup to me! It’s also a lot cooler today. Only 13 degrees. I had to put the jacket on, but at least I’m not losing as much water to the heat.




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