Berlin Challenge Day 5

The last few days were tough, with my Achilles aching, Garmin becoming unruly on these continental roads and mentally feeling a little crushed from the 150 mile day 2.

So today I set out to get over “hump day” the middle of the planned trip. The route from now Bielefeld to Ahaus, had shortened (albeit theoretically) todays journey, but I still managed to overcook the Garmins prediction of 66miles with 84miles in the bank and a great day mentally.

An early, cold, set off put me in good stead with 30 miles completed by 10.30. Things were going well on good roads with lots of little towns passing me by. I eventually stopped at a Bakarei and attempted to order a sandwich with cheese and ham. I was given a ham and also got a creme pastry (below) which really filled a hole. I was also talked at by an older German man who informed me that from what I could tell when he was younger he’d cycled 5000km. No mean feat!

As the approach to Holland gets closer and closer the westerly wind is certainly taking its toll slowing progress somewhat. You can tell how close we are from all of the windmills. However I stuck at it and before long signs for Ahaus were being displayed. One last climb and an eventual 7% descent allowed me to get up to 37mph, a welcome change from the flats.

Entering the small town was a treat, especially on a Friday where the locals are out in force enjoying ice creams in the square. The hotel is the nicest so far and still not too expensive. Wifi is free so I’m making full use and even tweeted Olympic cyclist Lucy Martin whose friend is cycling a 1600mile solo ride sometime soon. A minute later I received a reply, which is always an honour from an Olympian.

It’s topped the day off…along with this beer. Here’s to tomorrow.





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