Berlin Challenge Day 6

Day 5 of cycling solo and the body is starting to hurt. I can’t wait to be out of the saddle.

After 96 miles today, of wind, national parks, flat terrain and two different countries, I’m certainly starting to go a little mad. I’ve found myself singing to myself as my headphones have broken.

The riding itself is going well though and as I’ve now crossed the border into holland theres a lot more sign postage. It makes getting around a lot easier and less reliant on the Garmin, which still manage to add 11 miles to an 83 mile route today and sent me down so very sandy non paths (see below). I’ve come to expect that now. I’m just pleased I’m on a bit more of a sturdy touring bike than a road bike.

Speed is something of an issue, but I’m not going to punish myself doing as many miles as I am and carrying as much weight. It was nice to get on the tail of a weekend roadies tail with an average of 19mph along a short stretch.

I also stopped in a great little town called Doesburg for a toasie and a coffee. Touring is much nicer in The Netherlands where a lot more people speak English and seem to be a little more helpful.

Only 2 days of cycling to go now.




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