Berlin Challenge Day 7

Wind wind and more wind on today’s relatively short but ultimately flat and demanding ride.

I left late today knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get on the ferry until late and so I left at 10.30am after a short breakfast at the hotel. The day started off pretty cold with a strong westerly wind, then came the sun, then the rain, then the wind again, then the sun again.

I stopped a couple of times to relax the legs and munch on a few cereal bars. I stopped at a McDonald’s as well not so much to eat but more to have a break from the wind and rain. After this though the weather picked up and although the wind didn’t die down I eventually made it to the Hook of Holland at 4.30pm, had a sandwich and a coffee (you could tell it was windy as the foam blew off) and sat in the sun until the place closed.

I was then fortunate enough to meet some other English tourers who had taken 3 weeks to come down from Denmark and had had a great time. Again they’d complained about the wind.

Jumping on the ferry and realising that I’d booked the wrong way (harwich to holland rather than holland to harwich) I was fortunate enough to get a room.

I’m just about to head to sleep now. 90 miles tomorrow!





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