2.6 Challenge

COVID-19 has had and is continuing to have a massive impact on charities in the UK. We’ve been personally affected by this virus in so many ways and while still struggling to keep going, it’s at times like these that it really is important to remember that Every Moment Matters Always.

The 2.6 challenge is a way of raising a bit of money while you’re in lock down. Just yesterday (26th April) the amazing Alison Cutts ran 26 miles (yes 26) in her back garden…and so we’re feeling just a little bit inspired to do the same. Ride, Run or Walk 2.6km, 2.6miles, 26km or 26miles…whatever you can do. There’s plenty of ideas. Have fun doing it and most importantly raise money.

Every penny you raise will go directly to funding our flat that continues to operate despite COVID-19.

Follow the link to setup your page or donate there: https://twopointsixchallenge.justgiving.com/get-involved?charityId=184197

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