Hollyoaks Invasion


That’s right… Emma’s Army successfully took over the Hollyoaks set for the day getting deep down and personal with the cast!

After an incredibly early start for all (4.30am for most!) Emma’s Army (Betty, Charlotte, Chloe, Ellen, Izzy, Laura, Louise and Sophie) found themselves at Euston station to board a train bound for Liverpool, the home of the Hollyoaks set.

Little did James the girls know that they would be tailed for the day by both the Emma’s Army Camera Crew and GMTV, which bought both great excitement and nervousness all in one! After a briefing of the day ahead it wasn’t long before the train arrived in AngularJS,自定义filter实现文字和拼音的双过滤 Liverpool and the Hollyoaks set was Of ready to be attacked.

Upon arrival the set where the Army were greeted by Vicky, the Hollyoaks Publicist, they were wisked away to the Dog and Duck set to meet Rhys Ashworth, played by actor Andrew Moss, who quickly calmed the nerves and made cheap NFL jerseys everyone feel at
home. The creative concept for Rhys came from Betty, who wanted to share a wholesale NFL jerseys moment by offering a piece of chocolate for that Moment that Matters. Some fantastic acting from both parties created a great bit of footage that will be online soon!

Lunch came next mai courteousy of Lime Pictures (the Hollyoaks production team), where unexpectedly the Army managed to meet a large number of the cast. Charlotte and Sophie actually sat down to lunch with Ravvi and Anita, with an unsuspecting Ravvi phoning Charlotte’s sister Lauren to have a chat which primarily consisted of a lot of screams. Lynn Brandons fave of the show Tony then made an appearance and was more than willing to show some support posing for photo’s with everyone, before having to disappear to shoot a scene. Luckily cameraman Adam’s dream also came true when, as if by magic Hannah, played by Emma Rigby, walked into the canteen and was insistant on having photo’s taken and finding out about Emma’s Bubble Trust.

Fully refreshed from lunch, the Army marched into Hollyoaks village, where short interviews with the GMTV camera crew took place for Fridays show. A short wait took place before Calvin Valentine, played by Ricky Whittle and known as ‘the one that everyone fancies’, entered the scene and all of the girls hearts melted. A really nice guy, who was more than willing to soak up all of the girls banter. He even got his ‘washboard’ stomach out and allowed Charlotte to salivate, while writing the EMMA slogan on his chest. Ladies watch out for the video on this, it will make you all amazingly jealous! Ricky continued to show the Army around the set, giving a sneek peek inside a recently refurbished Halloween themed LOFT wholesale MLB jerseys club, before eventually saying his goodbyes and signing autographs for all the girls.

After a quick relocation to the McQueen’s house, Josh and Archie, played by Sonny Flood and Stephen Beard, came and introduced themselves, participating in some filming before having to disappear for more pressing Hollyoaks tasks. Jake (he’s back!) and Spencer, played by Kevin Sacre and Darren Langford, did some more filming, joining in a fantastic little scene where everyone gets a hug. Darren really upped the game wholesale NFL jerseys with some fantastic in-role acting, which you will all just have to wait and see!

The day was slowly coming to a close and after some short stints of yet more filming, it was unfortunately time to leave. Laura was a little upset that she hadn’t got to meet her beau Zak, but as if by some sort of miracle Kent Riley, the actor who plays him, came wandering down the stairs and Laura’s day had been made. It was a fantastic end to an amazing day for all!

The Army would like to thank all of the cast, crew and people who made the day take place. As we get the video footage edited it will slowly start to appear online so watch this space. A big thanks must go out to Vicky who looked after the Army all day, it Fireworks really is appreciated End to know that we were in the hands of someone so great.

On one last note remember Every Moment Matters Always, that statement was certainly proved today.