2021 Newsletter

Thank you for your continued support this year. Your generosity and commitment to Emma’s Bubble Trust has helped us to continue to provide a comfortable place for young cancer patients and their families to stay when needed.

When we read the comments written in our Visitors Book we know that with your help we are making a difference!

We were able to hold our Charity Ball at the beginning of December which was a great evening and raised a fantastic total of £13,565

This has been our only event in almost two years so every penny raised is very much needed and appreciated.

Thank you to those that took part in our virtual Christmas raffle. Our winners were K Govier, S Stanley, P Manning, S Shepherd and Charlotte.

We are launching a ‘Give A Coffee” campaign from 1st  until 15th January. We ask that you give up one coffee and instead donate that money via Justgiving or our website. The price of one coffee will pay for the electricity for the EBT flat for one day. This will make a huge difference to our running costs.

On behalf of the EBT team I wish you a very Happy 2022 and once again thank you for your continued support.

Stay healthy and hopefully we shall see you at an event during the year.

Best wishes

Lynn Brandon


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