Tracy’s London Marathon

Firstly a massive thanks to Tracy who gained a ballot spot at this years London Marathon, decided to run for us and raised an amazing £748.11 in doing so! Here’s her story.

What an experience!

First thing to say is Thank you.

Thank you for reading, watching and following the journey. Thank you for being kind in watching the “blog’s”! I have to say its been a MASSIVE Bucket List ticker for me. I dreamt about being able to be in the London Marathon before I ever started to run. One the 28th April 2019 my dream came true. I never knew it would be something I would thrive in and how much enjoyment I would be able to get out of it. This London Marathon is and will be the highlight of everything that is running for me.

The day was incredible, I was flanked by support 3 deep either side, an experience I had never had. Literally from start to finish, people yelling “C’mon Trace, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!”. A feeling as if your best friend is spurring you on, as if its someone you have known for a lifetime. So incredibly uplifting, I felt humbled. I personally, equally felt I needed to do EBT a service and I was doing the very best I could.

The views turning into Tower Bridge were stunning, as I hit half way. There were brass bands playing, and kettle drums which fed my soul, the noise couldn’t but resonate in your body it was awesome. I felt very humble.

Equally, to see all the T-shirts with various equally well placed values. I was still encouraged by the thousands of utterly selfless London massive. An experience I will cherish.  I saw Rhinos, (and I beat “Big Ben” not that that’s important… the man dressed as Big Ben stuck at the finish line not the clock.)

I meant the lovely Julie Nelson and beautiful “flaming pink haired” Joy and husband who had to scream with a tannoy and literally stop my attention. Thankfully, I got hugs from both and that extra energy to push on to the line. I also am aware my family and other EBT supporters were willing me on. Unfortunately, my family did not manage to catch me on the way round, I put this down to being too fast… but realistically its super difficult to find a needle in a haystack with 40,000 runners. I have bought the photos so that I have proof – which I will share.

On a personal note, I have found the experience to be gratifying and it reminds me how lucky I am and how good it feels to give back x

With love

Tracy Fox

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