Angela’s Isle of Wight Challenge

20160430_124445_resized_1Our good friend Angela carried out an intense walking challenge around the Isle of Wight. Here’s her story of the day:

Despite numerous miles in training walks, purchase of all required gear, strapping of feet, the consumption of many pain killers and the benefits of having a great support team with us in the IOW I didn’t finish the challenge. My hips eventually got the better of me and cramp eventually ended it for me after 46kms and 12 hours of walking. I feel desperately disappointed not to have got further but glad that I at least tried. I’ve made new friends whilst doing the challenge, seen parts of Kent during training walks that I’ve never seen before (and in some cases don’t want to see again) and been to the IOW, which was a first for me. We were lucky with the weather apart from the hail storm on the afternoon of the first day when we sheltered in a hay barn. Most important of all over £1,200 was raised for Emma’s Bubble Trust which is fantastic and I thank you all again for your wonderful support.

For my part I have yet to undertake anything longer than a stroll around the village green with the dog, my walking boots are out of sight and will remain so until I have all my toe nails back and my hips are not a permanent reminder of the challenge!!

Thanks once again to each any everyone of you, its been really humbling to have had your support.


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