Tracy Fox’s London Marathon 2019

Hi I’m Tracy. A humble amateur “runner”. I found running once my brother bought me an Xmas present to entry into Reading Half. This was due to me watching the London Marathon every year and telling him “Al, one day I will run a marathon” …..always inspired but never taking the leap into signing up…..

Well, I have to date run 70 odd marathons but always wanted to run London, applying every year (×7).

Adam and I volunteered at London last year with Sutton Runners. After ticking a few more boxes was able to qualify to get into SR ballot. I was aware when the draw was happening but NEVER thought I would ever get into London.

I was drawn out the hat and I have been training to try to get a bit faster. I would dearly love to run for Emma’s Bubble Trust as the story and the cause is something which is close to my heart. I have never until now asked for donations but this is a special one for a special charity.

Emma’s Bubble Trust is a fabulous charity which supports young people and their families who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Emma was a normal 16 year old from a local school, who suddenly after her 16th birthday was struck down with cancer.

As a school teacher this I feel is a truly worthy cause.